Mysteries #4  By eMeL, Velcro, Pozek & 1NC1N   |   12" and  digital | Release Septemeber 4th 2020

            Violent Cases 20.2  -   Dialectical Materialsm                    +                        Violent cases C 20.1  - Rpercussion

            12" | 4 Tracks |33 rpm | Release  August 12th 2020                                                           12" | 4 Tracks |33 rpm |  Release August 12th 2020              

 TRACKS  by  Too Old Boyz  |  Uindigo & Ram Ess  | The Soviet  | The Untitled  |  Negative GLitch  |   Enko  & Gelbkreuz |   SevenumSix  | Sickfest             artwork by DARKAM  | Mastering by Stefan Zmk | Layout by Goendyr-TDsignz. 

Executive Producer: Lyta Hall

 Mysteries #3 By Enko, Wonka, Mr.Gasmask (Gelbkreuz Remix) | 12"  and  digital | Release July 14th 2020

VIolent Cases 019 - Enko "Children Of The Night | 12" and digital | 3 Tracks | release April 27th 2020

 Mysteries #2  -   by Mental Dystopia,  Arakanolg23  & Alexander Neveroils |  12" EP | 3 Tracks | Release March 3rd  2020

 VC018 -THe Soviet " Manifesto" | 12" EP | 4 Tracks | Release February 6th 2020

Mysteries#1  By Van der Wiese,  Inkorrect feat. Prizrak , Stannik & Radze |  12" & Digi | Release  Dezember 23rd 2019 

VC017 - Sickfest "Hysteria" | 12" ep & Digi | Release NOvember 27th 2019 

VC016  - Negative Gltich "The Abyss" | 12" ep & Digi | Release: July 19th 2019 

We were hopelessly looking for the sky in the abyss
But it turned out that it is in your eyes . . .

 Violent Cases 015 - The Untitled "Nothing Gold can Stay"| 12"EP & DIGI | Release 20.04.2019 

 Nature´s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf´s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. 

 Robert Frost, 1874 - 1963

  VC014 - SevenumSix "Escape Reality" |3 Tracks | 12"EP &  digi | Release January 29th 2019

  Violent Cases 013  - Introspective Views "Metaxu" | 4 Tracks | 12" EP & Digi | Release November 23rd 2018

Violent Cases 12 Gelbkreuz "Menschliche Abgründe" | 4 Tracks | 12" EP  &  DIGItal | Release July 31st 2018 

Violent Cases 11  Uindigo " Sixth Destiny"  |  4 Tracks | FORMATS: 12" EP & Digital  | Release May 13th 2018

            Violent Cases 10.2  -   Dialectic Realism                            +                 Violent cases C 10.1  - Stream of Consciousness

            12" | 4 Tracks |33 rpm | Release  January 29th 2018                                                           12" | 4 Tracks |33 rpm |  Release  January 29th 2018              

 TRACKS  by  Acid Division  |  erlenmeyer  | Wanorde  |  Emel  |  Tommers  |   Enko  |  Odisoa  |   Van der wiese             artwork by DARKAM

Vc009  Erlenmeyer  | 4 Tracks |  FORMATs: 12" & Digital  | Release September 24th 2017  

VC008 - Wanorde  | 4 Tracks  | FORMATs: 12" &  Digital | Release June 14th 2017

VC007 eMeL  - 2 Tracks |  FORMATs:  12" | 45rpm & digital |  Released April 20th 2017


Dutch producer Markie aka Emel from Den Bosch makes his 2nd appearance on Violent Cases.

While VC002 was more introspective, he now delivers 2 Tekno dancefloor burners in the 165-170 bpm range - finding the right balance between hypnotic and driving with a helping 90´s Hardtrance references thrown in a good measure.





Logo Side: Caldera Walls


Info Side: Sings Of A Red Moon 



VC006    Van Der Wiese  | 3 Track | 12" | EP | 45/33 rpm |   Released  February 15 2017

Another first by Violent Cases! The first full 12" by Austrian producer Van Der Wiese.

VC 006 features 3 tracks of deep acidic Techno in the 140-150 bpm range, bridging the gap between club and forest. With a clean and crisp production all the tracks cruise along like a monolithic vessel.

Logo Side:
A - "Interstellar Overdrive" (140 bpm; 7:26 min) A bath of shattering subbass, stomping along with only very faint hi-hats, accentuated by an almost montonous acid line. Note: that's not half bad in our book.

Info Side: 
B1 - "Leaving Earth" (145 bpm; 7:43 min) Haunting and hypnotic; heading into deep space, the acid   lines carry the journey but remain unobstrusive, woven into the fabric, organic. VdW spins a story here.
                               B2 - "System Error" (150 bpm; 8:19 min)
                                                                   A long winding spriral going down the rabbit hole. Minimalist yet effective to the max.

VC005 Odisoa - 4 Track | 12" | EP | 33 rmp | Released November 23 2016 

Fresh producer Odisoa from Belgium delivers his first full 12" on Violent Cases and his musical heritage is undeniable, the old Belgian rave tradition breathes out of  his tracks. This is a 4 track Hard Techno monster guaranteed to pop the rivets at your next warehouse rave.

Logo Side:

A1 - "Nightvisions" (165 bpm)  opens up and sets the somber tone, it's synths lure you into the realm of creatures living after midnight.
A2 -The "Dreamcatcher"  (170 bpm) means business. The pace picks up and the kick drum hammers out an annihalating rhythm underpinned with a frenzied acid line, peeking into Hardcore territory.

Info Side:
B1 -"Behind The Secret" (172 bpm) takes your mind on an eerie journey while the feet shuffle to a solid beat.

 B2 - "Cydonia" (165 bpm) finishes the job and destroys everything left standing by now.  This is music for huge space arenas born in the underground.


VC004 Tommers - 3 Track  | 12" | 45/33 rpm | Released  september 23 2016 


Tommers delivers 3 introspective tools for the  late night crowd. Mental medication spiked with a dash of acid. Don't get lost in yourself!

Logo Side: 

A - Ab Norman - long and deeply atmospheric for the Intronaut trying to come to terms with a distorted reality.

Info Side:

B1 - I Got 5 On It - remix of a live extract pimped up with some acid lines.

B2 - Golden Shower - an uplifting dancefloor energizer, solid kicks and swirling atmosphere transport you back to the surface.


VC003  ENKO - 3 Track | 12" | 45/33 rpm | Released July 23  2016

VC 003 - ENKO , 3 track 12", 45/33 rpm

This release features fresh Austrian producer Enko from Vienna with his first full record and a conceptual one at that - VC 003 is inspired by the effects of a volcano eruption. Atmospheric underground Tekno in the 160 bpm sphere.

Logo Side:

A - "Flaming" is a long lowdown cruising bass frequency submarine, most efficient on a rig below the 40 Hz threshold. Not so much the eruption rather the steady unstoppable flow of lava.
Info Side :

B1 - "Awakening" - Acid bubbles in the magma build the pressure.

B2 - "Shrouded In Ash" is like a drone flight through scorched valleys where live has ceased to exist and layers of ash look like snow.



VC002  èMèL  - 2 Track  | 12" |  45rpm | Released February 24 2016

VC002 - eMeL

Logo Side

Dead Air

Info Side


VC001  Acid Division - 4 Track | 12" | Ep | 33 rpm | Released January 20 2016

VC001 - Acid Division

Logo Side:

A1  Angelus Novus 

A2  Mr. Rabbit 

Info Side:

B1 In tristita hilaris, in hilaritate tristis

B2 - Ever get burn!

#  Angelus Novus

"There is a painting by Klee called Angelus Novus. It shows an angel who seems about to move away from something he stares at. His eyes are wide, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how the angel of history must look. His face is turned toward the past. Where a chain of events appears before us, he sees on single catastrophe, which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it at his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise and has got caught in his wings; it is so strong that the angel can no longer close them. This storm drives him irresistibly into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows toward the sky. What we call progress is this  storm. "


Walter Benjamin, 1940


#  Mr. Rabbit 

"There is a story about how he got his name.{...}They tortured him, and as a lesson to ohters, the boss carve his own name into this man´s stormach. "Rabbit". Ever seen the chinese character for "rabbit", ian?  Lots of lines, lots of cuts. Somehow he managed to get free and, despite being unarmed, he killed everyone in that room. Then he went back through the office block and killed everyone who´d seen him. By the time he was finished, 265 people on three continents had lost their lives and not a single living person knew his identity. That´s is who Mr. Rabbit is. He is the beating heart of all this. And if we can find his indentity, it ends and you go home."

Milner, Utopia 2014



#  In Tristita Hilaris, in hilaritate tristis

I´ve trying to fit everything in, trying to get to the end before it´s too late, but i see now how badly i´ve deceived myself. words do not allow such things. the closer you come to the end, the more there is to say. the end is only imaginary, a destination you invent to keep yourself going, but a point comes when you realize you will never get there. you might have to stop, but that is only because you have run out of time, you stop, but that does not mean you have come to an end."


Paul Aster, 1987



#  Ever get Burn !

" For me Peace is not a means, but an end; and it is not a means because peace is the end. I cannot stand to sit here and watch as we, who are threatened with death by the violent with wich we are threatened. {...} our task is to intervene for salvation: to annihilate the danger by putting the annihilators in danger." 


Günther Anders, 1986 

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